Thank you to everyone who has already donated and volunteered to participate in the Christmas Basket program this year. We have had an overwhelming response to the appeal for donations, and all the volunteer spots to unload the food truck and pack the food baskets have been filled!

A sign up has been added for those who would like to only deliver food baskets on Saturday morning. In addition, we’ve answered some Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your participation in this program. Thank you again for your generous participation!

Adopt a Family
When you adopt a family, you will purchase gifts (a minimum of $15-20 per child suggested, but no limit has been set) for the family. Multiple families may combine resources and adopt one of the larger families. One person should be the contact when signing up for a family. On December 19, you will pick up the food basket at the Church at 8 am and deliver the food basket and gifts to your adopted family. To adopt a family, click on the button below.

Adopt a Family

12/19: Deliver Food Baskets
There are many Adults/Families where we simply need someone to deliver these food baskets on Saturday, December 19, at 8 am.

There will not be a short prayer service in the Worship Center. Parishioners arriving to pick up food baskets will be queued up in the parking lot where they will be given the recipient family information and then directed to the Parish Hall where their vehicles will be loaded by volunteers. Delivery of baskets to recipient families should be a contactless experience. Baskets should be dropped off outside at the recipient family’s residence and not taken inside.

Deliver a Basket

=== Frequently Asked Questions ===

How much should be spent and how many gifts should be purchased for each child/teen?
It is suggested that a minimum of $15 to $20 per child/teen be a teen; however, no limits are set and the number of gifts purchased per child/teen is up to the adopting family.

Should gifts be purchased for the recipient family adults?
The primary focus of the program is providing gifts for the children and teens; however, we leave it up to the adopting family if they would also like to purchase gifts for the adults.

Is there a wish list of gifts for the recipient families?
Unfortunately, the only information we have is the gender and age of the recipient’s family members. We ask that you use your best judgment when purchasing gifts. One idea for teens is a gift card.

Should the gifts be wrapped?
Yes, please wrap the gifts and label them for the appropriate family member. For example, if the recipient family has an 8-year girl and a 14-year boy label the gifts F-8 and M-14, respectively. If you purchase adult gifts label them F-Adult or M-Adult.

I am not able to adopt a family and purchase gifts but I would like to deliver baskets to recipient families. How do I sign-up to make deliveries?
A new Sign Up Genius link has been created to sign-up for deliveries only: Click Here

We would like to adopt a recipient family but will not be in town to make the delivery on the weekend of December 19 and 20. Can I still sign-up?
Yes. Please let us know when you sign-up and we will make arrangements to have the gifts you purchased along with the food baskets delivered to the recipient family. You will need to drop off the gifts at the Parish Hall on Thursday morning December 17 (between 8 and 11 am) or Friday evening December 18 (between 6 and 9 pm). We will have boxes set up for you for the family gifts.

When will the Christmas baskets be delivered to the recipient families and how will this process work?
Delivery of the food baskets and gifts is scheduled for Saturday morning, December 19. We ask that all parishioners who have adopted families and those who would like to make deliveries only come to the church on Saturday morning between 8 and 10 am. The following schedule is suggested to reduce wait times; however, you may come at any time during this period as your schedule allows:
Those with Recipient Families 1 thru 50: Arrive between 8 and 8:30 am
Those with Recipient Families 51 thru 100: Arrive between 8:30 and 9 am
Those with Recipient Families 101 thru 150: Arrive between 9 and 9:30 am
Those with Recipient Families 151 thru 225: Arrive between 9:30 and 10 am

For that signed-up for deliveries only you may arrive at any time; however, if it works for your schedule we ask that you arrive between 9 and 10 am.

We ask that all arriving parishioners enter the first church entrance and exit the back entrance so we can maintain one-way traffic. When you arrive you will be directed to a line in the parking lot where you will receive some paperwork with the family information including their address. Gift cards will also be attached to the paperwork (each recipient family will receive a Publix gift card). You will then be directed to the Parish Hall where the food baskets will be loaded in your vehicle (you will stay in your car during this entire process).

On behalf of Grand Knight George Baker and your council officers:
Merry Christmas! Vivat Jesus!